Britney Spears lives in the public eye, but even someone so closely-scrutinized has secrets. Now, one of Britney's biggest secrets is coming to light - and it's a shocker.

In a bizarre twist in Britney's wild life-story, it has been revealed that Lynne and Jamie Spears are not Britney's biological parents. Britney has reportedly known this for years, but managed to keep it from becoming public.

But how did Britney herself discover this? It all began in 2004, when she was in Las Vegas to marry Jason Alexander. A friend of Britney's remembers how the singer called Lynne to send her a copy of her birth certificate, which she thought was needed to acquire a license:

"Britney told Lynne to FedEx her the birth certificate. It finally came, and when Britney read it, her face went pale. Neither Lynne or Jamie's names were on it."

Britney went on with the wedding despite the shock, only to have it annulled hours later. After several days Britney was able to confront Lynne, and Lynne confessed that Britney was indeed adopted.

"[Lynne] didn't have the heart to tell Britney," the friend explains. "The birth certificate was her way of revealing the truth without having to face Britney. I don't think Britney's ever forgiven her. "

Britney has, for personal reasons, gone on as if Lynne and Jamie were her real mom and dad. But now Britney is trying to cut them off, and is seeking the identities of her biological parents.

Maybe this is why she's cut off Lynne from her life?